Self-development + Autistic = Tricky

I was diagnosed as autistic about 18 months ago, aged 35. I had realised that I was probably autistic only about 2 or 3 years prior to this and didn’t want to fully accept it as fact until I had it confirmed by a professional. Not because I was ashamed by the way, but becauseContinue reading “Self-development + Autistic = Tricky”

Image ‘Hang ups’ and Making Videos

So, I have been going about this ‘starting a business’ thing in the wrong way, but I will go intothat in another post. For now I want to talk about an obstacle I have made huge strides to over come and think this will be one of the keys to my future success  in businessContinue reading “Image ‘Hang ups’ and Making Videos”

The Ramblings of a Newly Found Soul

This post is a bit of a personal rambling that I just want to get down on paper and out there. I am working behind the scenes on an eBook and planning a podcast and more sustained social media presence, as well as a beta version of a course which will all be revealed shortly.Continue reading “The Ramblings of a Newly Found Soul”