Creating a Daily Routine

As part of my self-development journey, I have come across many people talking about the importance of creating a firm daily routine. Most, if not all, really successful people have one and it seems to set them off on the right foot for the day and be part of the reason for their success. ItContinue reading “Creating a Daily Routine”

Self-development + Autistic = Tricky

I was diagnosed as autistic about 18 months ago, aged 35. I had realised that I was probably autistic only about 2 or 3 years prior to this and didn’t want to fully accept it as fact until I had it confirmed by a professional. Not because I was ashamed by the way, but becauseContinue reading “Self-development + Autistic = Tricky”

Image ‘Hang ups’ and Making Videos

So, I have been going about this ‘starting a business’ thing in the wrong way, but I will go intothat in another post. For now I want to talk about an obstacle I have made huge strides to over come and think this will be one of the keys to my future success  in businessContinue reading “Image ‘Hang ups’ and Making Videos”

Mum Guilt

“Mum guilt” There is a thing that I call ‘Mum guilt’. How I explain it is, the feeling you get when you take time for yourself, time you COULD have spent with your family, or money you spent on yourself, but COULD have spent on your children. This feeling is very common and absolutely understandable.Continue reading “Mum Guilt”

Free things are not valuable

FREE THINGS ARE NOT VALUABLE I have discovered recently that free items are not valued by most people. We all love a freebie, its true, something for nothing sound great, right? But how much value do you put on something that is handed to you? The reason I have noticed this is through my coachingContinue reading “Free things are not valuable”

The Ramblings of a Newly Found Soul

This post is a bit of a personal rambling that I just want to get down on paper and out there. I am working behind the scenes on an eBook and planning a podcast and more sustained social media presence, as well as a beta version of a course which will all be revealed shortly.Continue reading “The Ramblings of a Newly Found Soul”

Assertivness is an Issue

I know that set backs during my journey to beating anxiety are inevitable, I’m prepared for that and I’m ready to find ways through the set backs when the occur. I feel like I’ve just met my first one and it’s dealing with being more assertive with other people. For such a long tkme IContinue reading “Assertivness is an Issue”

Mindfulness – A Beginners Questions Answered

So, I’m really excited about this post as it is my first collaborative post. I chose the topic of mindfulness as it is something, I am already learning about myself and I’m fast becoming hooked. As I mentioned in a previous post I am currently doing an 8 week course in MBSR or Mindfulness BasedContinue reading “Mindfulness – A Beginners Questions Answered”

Feeling Proud of Myself

As you can see, I haven’t put a post in for a little while.the reason was that I have been away for a few days, just me and the kids. We go to a very familiar place, but we hadn’t been since last October due to the oandrmic and I was very anxious about theContinue reading “Feeling Proud of Myself”