My Story

Nice to meet you…

Hi, I’m Erica, and here’s a little about me and my story so far.

I have lived my life thus far, shying away from the world, away from anything that caused me even the slightest bit of fear or discomfort. I reached a point in my life where I was so anxious, I barely ever left the house unless I really had to. I almost gave up an accepted that this was how life would always be. It wasn’t going to be too hard either, I have disabilities to use as excuses for not going out into the world and making something of my life. No one blames a person with an illness or disability
for living a sheltered and enclosed life, so I knew I could ‘get away with it’. I have children and I’m married, I own my own home, we have enough food and we are warm and comfortable, that’s more than many people have, so I thought I should accept what I had and I didn’t believe I deserved, or could achieve, anything more. For a long time, I didn’t believe I was good enough to offer anything to the world and could only hide away and do what was necessary for myself and my family, and nothing more.

But something inside of me was telling me that I couldn’t give up and accept this life. I still do not know what it was that was niggling away at me and wouldn’t let me carry on hiding, but it gradually became stronger and stronger, to the point I could ignore it no longer. I began it wonder if this little voice had a point, it made me begin to question if a life of hiding away and settling for what I had was actually what I wanted. I knew that it was not.

So, this is where my own journey into self-discovery began. I realised that I had no idea who I was anymore, let alone any idea of who I wanted to become and how in the world I was going to get there. One thing I did know however, was that I wanted to use my negative life experiences, not only to improve my own life, but to support others in doing the same. What an empowering experience it would be, to turn the things that had caused me so much physical and emotional turmoil in my life around, so that they had a positive impact on others and on the world.

I have worked hard on many aspects of my life to create the future I really want. I’ve read lots, attended courses, developed daily practices of mindfulness, gratitude, meditation and journaling, improved my diet and fitness. This has all resulted in a huge shift in mindset. Now, instead of running away and hiding from fear and discomfort, I have learnt to lean into it a little, to experience it, even when it isn’t so pleasant. Because of this, I have been able to start my own business, something I never thought I would be capable of, I’ve become a better, more present, wife and
mother and I have found myself again.

Looking forward, I will keep learning and growing and will always remain reflective and continue to better myself. I will also help others begin this same journey within themselves, to create the life they want and deserve too. I am now a mindfulness teacher and life coach and support people to make profound shifts in their lives and move towards being the person they know they are capable of becoming. I offer one to one work, groups coaching, online courses, workshops and other resources all with their aim of guiding people towards the future they desire.

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