Creating a Daily Routine

As part of my self-development journey, I have come across many people talking about the importance of creating a firm daily routine. Most, if not all, really successful people have one and it seems to set them off on the right foot for the day and be part of the reason for their success.

It seems part of the reason for this is because spending a little time on yourself, making sure you are in the right frame of mind to face the day, can really help you cope with what the world throws at you. Think about it, if you get up tired and grumpy, don’t you always find that more things seem to happen to annoy you? You wake up late, then you’re rushing around, you can’t find the car keys, you spill your coffee in your lap looking for them and then inevitably you hit traffic on the way to work. Going into a days work in that frame of mind isn’t going to be enjoyable or productive.

Taking time to calm your mind in whatever way works for you at the beginning of the day gives you more confidence, resilience and allows you to face your day refreshed and with a clear mind. You may be tired and not feel like getting up a little early to implement some ‘you time’ but I do promise you that doing this will actually lead you to feeling that you have more energy in the not too distant future if you stick with it.

Personally, I now get up around 6a.m. (It may be a little earlier when lockdown is over and the children return to school!) I spend 20-30 minutes meditating, 10-20 minutes writing in my journal and around 20 minutes doing yoga. All things just for me. It is a great way to cultivate self-awareness as well as receiving the physical and mental benefits of feeling calmer and more peaceful within. Sometimes I even get the opportunity to listen to an audio book and eat breakfast alone, absolute luxuaries for a Mum of four! And do you know what? I am grateful for every second of this time as I know that I makes me a better person and more able to show up for my family in the best possible way I can.

Now, there are days where I fail, I complain I’m too tired and switch off the alarm. That extra hour of sleep feels great at the time. But, when I do get up, having missed the only time I have to spend on me, I find I am very irritable, lacking in energy and in fact, even more tired than if I had got up earlier.

There may be different self care activities that work for you, they may not necessarily be the same as mine. But I urge you, whoever you are, to forgo a little extra sleep to spend some time on yourself. My younger self would fall on the floor if she heard me saying something like that!

Thanks for reading.

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