Image ‘Hang ups’ and Making Videos

So, I have been going about this ‘starting a business’ thing in the wrong way, but I will go intothat in another post.

For now I want to talk about an obstacle I have made huge strides to over come and think this will be one of the keys to my future success  in business and life in general.

In order to promote my upcoming programme ‘Unearth the Unrealised You’ I was encouraged to make video ads, me, on video? Where people will see it!? Madness. But despite my scepticism as to whether I could do it or if I did wouldn’t I just look ridiculous anyway? I actually managed to create them – all 8 of them!

The reason I have an issue with doing this is, partly, because of a fear of what others think in general, what if people say stuff? What if they laugh at me? But thus is something I’ve worked on a lot lately and I felt it was a challenge worth taking on to continue my personal development and growth. The main reason though, is something else, something I feel I can’t do much about. As I am registered blind (but with some sight) my eyes don’t work together in tandem, one eye sees much worse than the other so as I use them my vision flicks from one eye to the other rather than them working as a pair as they should. (this sucks as I can’t see 3D!). What this means is, I have a problem looking into a camera.

I perceived this as an issue because if people don’t know why this happens they would just think it was odd and leave the video immediately!This made me wonder if there was any point trying.

However, thinking about it more, it turns out that my eyes are part if me, therefore part if my indentity, the very thing I’m trying to embrace and fully accept. So why do I need to hide it? If anyone asks I can explain it, I’ve no issue with that, and if they don’t ask and decide to leave, I’m pretty sure that says more about what they need to work on as a person than it does about me.

If I’m going to embrace myself and be truly and authenticity ‘me’ that means accepting ALL aspects of me, no matter the outcome. If I manage yo inspire just one other person to do the same then my discomfort and struggle will have been worth while. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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